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Our kite collection ranges from 12 inch mini kites to 90 inch delta box kites.
The material is ripstop nylon on a fiberglass frame for longevity and durability.
There is no such thing as the 'best' kite as each kite has different properties and fly differently in variable winds. So pick a kite, any kite and go fly.

Single Line Kites
Delta Kite 4.5 with spinning tail is our "kite of the year" award winner.
Made of ripstop material
54 inch wingspan
Comes with spinning tail and line on a convenient handle.
Flies easily in low or high winds. Perfect for the whole family kiting adventure and only $10 in six colors.
Double French Military kite has a 68 inch wide by 40 inch high wingspan, made of nylon ripstop fiberglass spars and comes with line on a handle.
Wind Range 8 to 20 mph
This kite is also used for aerial photography.
Sale: $58.00
Double French Military Kite
The Large Starfish Kite is made of ripstop nylon on a flexible fiberglass frame and is easy to assemble and fly.
Measures H26 inches by W31 inches.
Winds: 5 to 18 mph
Ages 6 and up

Sale: $20.00
Large Starfish Kite
This is the traditional diamond kite in a miniature body and cute as a bees knee.
Made of ripstop material on a fiberglass frame
Measures 12 inches by 12 inches with 6 foot streamer tails.
Comes with 10 pound line on a handle
Perfect for little ones 18 months on up, but us 'big' kids love them, too and only $5.00 each.
Mini Diamond Pink Kite
Martins Legs-Red Kite
Mini Diamond White Kite
Mini Diamond Purple Kite
Martins Legs is a kite ready to fly right out of the bag. Easy to carry, easy to assemble, easy to fly. This kite is made of 100% durable ripstop nylon.
Measures: L79 inches by W30 inches.
Winds: 6 to 20 mph
Ages 8 and up

Sale: $55.00
Butterfly Fly-Hi Kite
This easy flying delta kite is 46 inches wide by 72 inches long. Made of ripstop nylon on a fiberglass frame for durability and longevity.
Its easy to assemble and comes with line on a handle.
Wind range of 6 to 20 miles per hour.
Rainbow FlyHi Kite
This kite is perfect for a  beginner's first kite. The Rainbow Flyhi kite is easy to assemble and fly. Includes line on a handle ready to fly.
Measures: 46" wide by 76"
Wind: 6 to 25 mph
Ages: 5 and up
Traditional Box Kite
The large traditional box kite made with ripstop nylon on fiberglass frame for longevity and durability measures 40 inches high by 20 inches wide. Comes with kite line on a handle. The box kite is one of the few kites flown at the North Pole because of it's stable  flight at 10,000 feet up.
Latticework Warrior Kite
Latticework Warrior Kite was created by master kitemaker Willi Koch for Premier Kites.
MSRP: $96.95
Sale: $90.00
Mini Diamond Blue Kite
Mini Diamond Green Kite
Mini Diamond Yellow Kite
Mini Diamond Orange Kite
Mini Diamond Red Kite
Rainbow Ray Box Delta
Measures: 90 inches wide by 37 inches high.
Wind Range 6 to 20 MPH
Material: Ripstop nylon
Frame: Fiberglass
MSRP: $49.95
Sale: $42.00
Rainbow Ray Box Delta Kite
Rainbow Box Delta Kite
Rainbow  box delta kite is a Premier kite easy to assemble and fly.
MSRP: $32.95
Sale: $26.00
Red Flair Delta Box Kite
Red Flair Delta Box Kite
Measures 90 inches wide by 37 inches high.
Made of ripstop nylon on a fiberglass frame.
MSRP: $49.95
Sale: $42.00
Red Delta Kite
Orange Delta Kite
Green Delta Kite
Yellow Delta Kite
Blue Delta Kite
Purple Delta Kite
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